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North American Shagya-Arabian Society


Shagya breeding in America officially began in 1986 with the founding of the North American Shagya-Arabian Society (NASS). Later that year, NASS was accepted by the International Shagya-Araber Gesellschaft (ISG) as the official registry for the USA and Canada.  ISG is the International body supporting the breeding and preservation of the Shagya-Arabian breed.

The Purpose of NASS:

  • Promotion, preservation, and improvement of the Purebred Shagya-Arabian horse.

  • Establishment of a Shagya-Arabian Registry for Purebred and Partbred Shagya Arabians.

  • Regulation and approval of breeding stock.

  • Dissemination of information about the breed to the public.

  • Establishment of an Performance Awards system for performance achievement.

  • Promotion of cooperation with Shagya-Arabian breeders around the world, and in particular with the Purebred Shagya Society International (ISG).

NASS Brochure A PDF of the NASS Brochure 

NASS Brochure #2 - 22 Years of Promoting, Preserving and Improving the Shagya-Arabian in North America

Shagyas were relatively unknown in America before the 1980s, although a few had been imported both before and after World War II. Prior to the founding of the NASS no registry for Shagyas existed in America, and Shagyas were sometimes mistakenly registered as either purebred or partbred Arabians. 

NASS carries out its role by maintaining the Shagya-Arabian Registry of North America (SHARONA). NASS also organizes and conducts inspection tours. To be eligible for Shagya breeding, mares and stallions must be approved by a panel of judges which are all ISG-Certified selected by NASS. NASS inspection tours were conducted in 1989, 1991, 1994, 1997, 2000, 2003, 2006, 2009 and 2012. The next scheduled Inspection Tour will be in September 2015. Contact the Breeding Committee for more information at NASS Breeding Committee.

In addition, NASS offers an Performance Awards program for the following categories:

  • Sport Horse In Hand

  • Sport Horse Under Saddle

  • Combined Training

  • Dressage

  • Driving (Combined & Pleasure)

  • Hunter

  • Hunter Pleasure

  • Jumper

  • Competitive Trail Riding

  • Endurance Riding

  • Meritorious Sire

  • Meritorious Dam

NASS publishes a quarterly newsletter and an annual report. The newsletter includes minutes of board meetings, farm news, articles about the breed, classified section and membership information.  The NASS annual report includes inspection tour results when applicable, farm news, articles about the breed, classified ads and announcement of the winners in the awards program. 


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