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Stallion Performance Requirement

In order for a stallion to receive permanent registration into the Stallion Book I and the Appendix of the Stallion   Book I, he must meet the fundamental performance requirement. Furthermore, beginning with Inspection Year 2009, stallions must pass the NASS Performance Requirements to maintain their status as Book I stallions. 

Stallions which do not pass the Performance Requirements in the allotted time will be placed in Book II.  

This performance requirement is met by passing a Stallion Performance Test successfully or through open competition.  

Should a stallion not complete a Stallion Performance Test successfully, the stallion will be registered in the Stallion Book II or the Appendix to Stallion Book II.   

Assessment based on a Stallion Performance Test

Stallion Performance Test requirement may be fulfilled either through successful completion of the NASS Field Trail Test organized by the NASS Breeding Committee and performed either in conjunction with a NASS BREEDING INSPECTION, or at  another  occasion  organized  by  the  NASS  Breeding  Committee,  or  by  successful  completion  of  any  other  stallion  performance test given by any bona fide equestrian organization which the NASS BC deems to be at least equivalent to  the NASS test (such as the ISR/Oldenburg test), and which meets the ISG RZBO minimum requirements or by open  competition achievements as listed below.  NASS will also accept the successful completion of performance tests made by stallions in other ISG member countries which conform to the RZBO.       

Assessment based upon Performance in Open Competition: 

A stallion may also meet the Performance Requirement

through performance in "Open Competition", including the

following equestrian disciplines:

  • Dressage

  • Endurance

  • Competitive Trail

  • Eventing/Combined Training

  • Hunter/Jumper

  • Driving

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