​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Newsletter Information:

NASS News:

NASS News is a tri-annual hard color copy publication (or “newsletter”) designed to keep NASS members informed of current news of the NASS organization, its members and NASS’ parent organization, ISG.

The NASS News Newsletter may include but is not limited to the following topics:

  • ·         Committee & Officer Reports

  • ·         Clinics/Shows/Open Houses

  • ·         Farm News

  • ·         ISG News

  • ·         Performance News & Annual Awards

  • ·         New Foals

  • ·         Welcome to New Horse Owners

  • ·         Welcome to New NASS Members

Other information of general interest to Shagya-Arabian enthusiasts may be included as space permits, including but not limited to articles on horse management, training, breeding, competition, etc.

This newsletter is created, edited and published by the NASS Newsletter Editor working with support from the NASS Newsletter Committee.

The NASS Board of Directors must approve the newsletter prior to its publication.

Once the hardcopy newsletter has been mailed to NASS Members, it will be published to NASS’ website and on NASS’ social media accounts.

 The Newsletter is looking for member participation!

  •      Farm News / Owner News

  •      Clinic, Shows, or Open House News

  •      Performance News

  •      ISG News

  •      New Foal News

  •      New Member List

  •      Articles of Interest

  •      Calendar of Events Submissions

  •      Candid photographs of NASS or ISG Horses

Submit your news to the NASS Newsletter Editor at NASS_Newsletter_Editor@Shagya.net

Inspection Tour Edition:

  • Inspection Tour Editions are published after a breeding tour.

  • This issue will be a color hard copy on glossy print.

  • Advertising opportunities will be offered in these editions.

In years with NASS holding Breeding Inspection Sites, a separate hard copy newsletter called the “NASS Inspection Tour Newsletter” will be published.

This newsletter will include the results of the inspections, including official photographs, scores and descriptions of all horses presented, informational articles, candid photographs, etc.

The Inspection Tour Newsletter may also include articles and notifications of the following: 

  • Foreign stallions accepted into the registry

  • NASS stallions that have met NASS’ performance requirements

  • Dedications to deceased NASS stallions

The Inspection Tour Newsletter is created, edited and published by the NASS Inspection Newsletter Editor(s) with assistance from the participating Inspection Committee.

The NASS Board of Directors must approve the Newsletter prior to publication.

Once the hardcopy newsletter has been mailed to NASS Members, it will be published to NASS’ website and on NASS’ social media accounts. 

Please Note: Author's should refer to subject horses by their registered names in all articles, reports and advertising.


Annual Inspection Tour Newsletter Advertising:

NASS welcomes Half Page and Full Page advertising in the annual issue of NASS’ Inspection Tour Newsletter.

  • Shagya-Arabian and Arabian stallions advertised at Stud must be registered and approved for breeding with NASS.

  • Part Shagyas must be registered with NASS.

  • All horses listed for sale must be registered with NASS.

  • Foreign horses are eligible for advertising if owner is a NASS Member and horse is registered with a foreign ISG Member Registry.

All Submissions should be directed to the NASS Inspection Newsletter Editor at Inspecton_editor@shagya.net

Fees Schedule for Ads:

Ø  NASS Members:           Half Page: $50.00        Full Page: $ 100.00

Ø  Non-NASS Members:   Half Page: $100.00      Full Page: $200.00

Payment and ad must be submitted by publication deadlines.

Checks should be made out to "The North American Shagya-Arabian Society" or "NASS" and sent to the NASS Treasurer: 

Beverly Thompson
NASS Treasurer
2345 S. Washington Rd. 
Columbia City, IN 46725

NASS Accepts Paypal: treasurer@shagya.net

Articles, reports and submittals of any kind from members reflect only the opinion of the author and not NASS. NASS cannot be held responsible or liable for any wrong or misleading information. NASS reserves the right to refuse anything submitted for cause.

The North American Shagya-Arabian Society's Newsletter