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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Newsletter Information:

The NASS Newsletter is tri-annual newsletter which is published in the spring, summer and fall, as well as following a year with a NASS breeding inspection tour.

​The NASS Newsletter will be mailed to NASS Members.

One may also view the newsletter on the NASS Website along with Archived Newsletters. Members who cannot print or open PDF documents and would like a printed copy mailed to them can request this by contacting their Regional Director or emailing the NASS BOD at:

NASS News - 2017

Newsletter Deadlines:

SPRING ISSUE  - April 30th   *PUBLISH DATE - June 15th

FALL ISSUE - July 15th  *PUBLISH DATE - November 1st

WINTER ISSUE - November 15th  *PUBLISH DATE - January 15th

Inspection Tour Edition:

  • Inspection Tour Editions are published after a breeding tour.

  • This issue will be a color hard copy on glossy print.

  • Advertising opportunities will be offered in these editions.

The Newsletter is looking for:

  •      Farm News

  •      Clinic, Shows, or Open House News

  •      Performance News

  •      ISG News

  •      HHA News

  •      New Foal News

  •      New Owner News

  •      New Member List

  •      Articles of Interest

  •      List of Horses for Sale

  •      Calendar of Events

  •      Regional Director Reports

  •      Committee Reports

  •      Candid photographs of NASS or ISG Horses

Submit your news to the NASS Newsletter Editor at

Please Note:

Submitted News & Reports: Must not exceed 200 words in length.

Classified Advertisements:

Please refer to subject horses by their registered names in all articles, reports and advertising.

Full and Partial Page Ads:

  • All horses advertised for sale must be registered with NASS.

  • All Shagya-Arabian and Arabian stallions advertised for breeding must be registered with NASS and/or Approved for Breeding by NASS.

Classified Ads in the "List of horses for Sale":

These ads are limited to 30 words. Please include the horse's NASS registered Name, NASS Registration number, sire, dam, age, color, height, and training. Prices are allowed!

NASS member's Classified Word Ads for NASS Registered Horses 

may now also be posted to the NASS website for FREE!​

Please send us your listings.


Foreign horses that are in registered in other ISG Society Registries:

  • Horses that are registered in a foreign ISG approved Society may advertise on the NASS Shagyas For Sale Website Page and NASS Newsletter if the horse owner becomes a NASS Member ($45 US Funds annual non-voting renewable Associate Membership).   

  • One  year of advertising on the NASS Shagya For Sale website page can then be purchased for $30.00 US Funds per horse.  

  • Horses listed on the NASS website are automatically included on the sale page of  the NASS Newsletter.  

  • Ads may include a picture. 



  • NASS Members may place a Classified Word ad for FREE.

  • Non-NASS Members may place a Classified Word ad for $30.00.

  • Half Page and Full Page advertising is available - Please contact the NASS Newsletter Editor for pricing!

  • Payment must be received before publication deadline.

  • Checks should be made out to "The North American Shagya-Arabian Society" or "NASS" and sent to the NASS Treasurer:

NASS Treasurer

Beverly Thompson
2345 S. Washington Rd.  Columbia City, IN 46725 


Please contact the NASS Treasurer for NASS' PayPal Payment information.

NOTE: All Submissions should be directed to the NASS Newsletter Editor (click on email link).

Articles, reports and submittals of any kind from members reflect only the opinion of the author and not NASS. NASS cannot be held responsible or liable for any wrong or misleading information. NASS reserves the right to refuse anything submitted for cause.

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