The 2018 Annual Board of Directors and Membership Meeting was held on July 18, 2018, by telephone conference call.

NASS welcomes the newly elected Board Members and would like to thank Board Members who have served in the past.

Please visit the NASS Contacts Page for the current Board of Directors.

Thank you to all the NASS Members who were candidates in the election process

and who participated on the Conference Call. 

NASS encourages all of its Members and owners of NASS Registered horses to volunteer

to help the Registry promote, preserve and maintain the breed. 

Please contact the NASS Board of Directors for more information:

Results of the 2018 Annual Performance Awards Program will be posted shortly.


NASS Performance Awards

NASS offers a variety of award categories in the annual awards program as well as

the AERC Radautzer Award

and the USDF All-Breeds Award.

For more information please contact the

NASS Performance Awards Committee:


NASS Member Updates

2018 Board of Directors and Annual Membership Meeting

Upcoming inspections & Requests for Inspection/Evaluation of Horses:

​NASS will be emailing and posting a questionnaire shortly to plan the 2019 Inspection Sites for the inspection, evaluation, exhibition and/or branding of eligible horses. 

For more information please contact the NASS Breeding Committee at or the NASS Chairperson:

Adele Furby  (928) 567-8645

NASS welcomes requests for additional Inspection Sites!

Please contact the NASS Breeding Committee or the NASS Regional Directors for information:

Click here for more information!

The NASS Facebook Group is an open forum for the friendly discussion of NASS, Shagya-Arabians and partbred horse related topics.

Feel free to contact the NASS Board of Directors for more information at: 

NASS Members: Interested in joining a NASS Committee?

If you have an interest on sitting on a NASS Committee and would like to share your talent, please send a email to that committee group email address which is listed on the bottom of the "CONTACT NASS" page of this website.  

Every Member is invited to join a Committee!

2018 & 2019 ISG Meeting 

NASS Facebook Group

NASS' Annual Performance Awards Programs

NASS' 2019 Breeding Approval Inspection Sites

​​NASS Founding Members Bruno & Elisabeth Furrer attended the 2018 ISG Meeting & events held at Samorin and Babolna.

They placed a wreath at the reburial of Tibor von Pettko-Szandtner and his wife Margit at Babolna in the name of the ISG. 

The 2019 ISG Meeting will be held at Marbach State Stud, Germany, August 2nd-4th, 2019.
Click here for the

2018 ISG Meeting Minutes in English.

2018 Board of Directors & Membership Meeting Minutes

Member Updates