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For over 25 years, the publication "Shagya-Araber" was produced and edited by Ingrid Zeunert. The last issue of the publication, "Shagya-Araber - Band 26", was the 26th volume. 

Recently, "Shagya-Araber" found a new home with the magazine "Arabian Horses - In the Focus" and as such, starting with the April 2016 issue, has up to 8 pages dedicated to "Shagya-Arabian" news. These stories will continue to be editorially supervised by Ingrid Zeunert.
One can use the online subscription or the print subscription of the  magazine "Arabian Horses - In the Focus" .
Those who are interested in the past editions of the book series "Shagya-Araber", may order them on the original Zeunert Webshop.

Member Updates

​​​​​​​The NASS Newsletter - Spring 2017 Edition was mailed to NASS Members and posted on-line.

The NASS Newsletter welcomes your Shagya-Arabian, ISG, NASS Member and horse news for

the next issue: Summer 2017

The submission deadline for the next issue of NASS News is June 1, 2017.

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The 2016 Annual Meeting

The NASS BOD Position Election results were tallied and NASS welcomes the participation of all of the new Board of Directors Members as well as all the other Volunteers. Thank you!

Please visit the NASS Contact Page for their contact information.

The NASS Breeding Committee is currently planning Shagya-Arabian Breeding Approval Inspection Sites throughout the USA and Canada in upcoming year. These sites will offer the Inspection, Evaluation and Branding of horses and much more...

  • Winter Inspection Site: Southwest / Arizona - Held February 19 - 21, 2017

  • Request for a Inspection Site: Midwest / Kentucky

  • Fall Inspection Site:  New England / Vermont 

NASS welcomes requests for additional Inspection Sites!

Please contact the NASS Breeding Committee or the NASS Regional Directors for information:

Click here for more information!

NASS Board of Directors & Annual Meeting

NASS Members: Interested in joining a NASS Committee?

If you have an interest on sitting on a NASS Committee and would like to share your talent, please send a email to that committee group email address which is listed on the bottom of the "CONTACT NASS" page of this website.  

Every Member is invited to join a Committee!