Thank you to all the NASS Members who voted in the 2019 NASS Board of Directors Election.

NASS is happy to announce the following Board Members have been elected: 

Jamie Hughes - Northwest Regional Director

Candice Phillips - Eastern Regional Director

Hallie Goetz - Board of Director at Large

Adele Furby - Rocky Mountain Regional Director

NASS Members: 

Please contact the NASS Membership Chairperson at and verify has your correct contact information.

2019 ISG Meeting 

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Awards Programs for NASS Members & Horses

Annual Breeding Approval Inspection Sites

The 2019 ISG Meeting & associated events will be in Germany on August 2nd-4th, 2019.
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2018 ISG Meeting Minutes in English.

2018 Board of Directors & Membership Meeting Minutes

Member Updates

*Hadban USA is on the entry list for the 2019 Tevis!

Good Luck to him and to the other Shagya-Arabians and

partbreds horses entered. 

2018 Board of Directors and Annual Membership Meeting

Upcoming inspections & Requests for Inspection/Evaluation of Horses:

NASS holds annual inspection sites based upon demand. 

For more information please contact the NASS Breeding Committee at 

NASS welcomes requests for inspection Sites!

Please contact the NASS Breeding Committee or the NASS Regional Directors for information:

Click here for more information!

  • August 1st, 2019, is the deadline for NASS Members to notify the USDF that they are participating in the NASS USDF All Breed Award Program.

  • NASS has established a committee to look into alternative programs which will help NASS Members celebrate the versatility of the Shagya-Arabian and partbred horses. Do you know of a program that might work?

Contact the NASS Marketing Committee via email for​                           

  • The NASS News newsletter deadline is September 1. 2019.  Please send the editor your farm and horse news, photos, articles of interest, etc. Please contact the Membership Chairperson if you did not receive the summer issue. 

  • NASS Members who would like to join some of the existing NASS Committees or establish a new committee. Contact us and express your interest:​​

The 2018 Annual Board of Directors and Membership Meeting was held on July 18, 2018, by telephone conference call.

NASS welcomes the newly elected Board Members and would like to thank Board Members who have served in the past.

Please visit the NASS Contacts Page for the current Board of Directors.

Thank you to all the NASS Members who were candidates in the election process

and who participated on the Conference Call. 

NASS encourages all of its Members and owners of NASS Registered horses to volunteer

to help the Registry promote, preserve and maintain the breed. 

Please contact the NASS Board of Directors for more information:

NASS Board of Directors & Annual Membership

Meeting Conference Call

The NASS Facebook Group is an open forum for the friendly discussion of NASS, Shagya-Arabians and partbred horse related topics.

Feel free to contact the NASS Board of Directors for more information at: 

​​​NASS offers a variety of award categories in the Annual Awards Program, the AERC Radautzer Award and the USDF All-Breeds Award.

Remember to sign up for the 2019 NASS Annual performance Awards program and to forward your results to the Awards Chairperson.

Do you compete in AERC Rides?

Check out the AERC Radautzer Award.

NASS also sponsors a USDF All Breeds Award.

Please visit the NASS awards program page.

NASS Member Updates