NASS is happy to announce the following Board Members were elected: 

Jamie Hughes - Northwest Regional Director

Candice Phillips - Eastern Regional Director

Hallie Goetz - Board of Director at Large

Adele Furby - Rocky Mountain Regional Director

NASS Members: 

Please contact the NASS Membership Chairperson at and verify has your correct contact information.

NASS Facebook Group

Do you participate at something which you and your horses love to do? Is it an activity that falls outside of the scope of the above  annual awards programs or is a non-competitive activity? 

The Alternative Programs Committeewants to hear from you!

This group is working to help the registry incorporate other programs that NASS Members & NASS registered horses participate at into the registry.  Anything from Trail Riding Mile Programs to Non Competitive Frequent Rider Programs … help NASS celebrate every type of achievement and contact us at

Programs for NASS Members & Horses

Annual Breeding Approval Inspection Sites

The NASS Board of Directors, Officers and your fellow NASS members invite you to become involved with NASS.

Join other Shagya-Arabian and partbred enthusiasts like yourself who share a passion for these horses and make new friends along the way.

Please consider attending and/or hosting local events, volunteering on a committee or sharing new ideas with your fellow members in order to help NASS celebrate the breed.

One of the best ways to promote the breed is to share your stories of your horses!

Check back for updates on upcoming events & opportunities to share in the passion for the breed.

2019 Board of Directors & Membership Meeting Minutes

Member Updates

2019 Board of Directors and Annual Membership Meeting

Upcoming inspections & Requests for Inspection/Evaluation of Horses:

NASS holds annual inspection sites based upon demand. 

For more information please contact the NASS Breeding Committee at 

NASS welcomes additional requests for 2020 inspection Sites!

At this time there have been requests to hold inspection sites in the Northwest Region. Members of the inspection team  often can travel to or stop at other sites along the way - so please ask about presenting your horse.

  • NASS is holding a conference call on November 6th, 2019, at 6:30 PM Pacific Time (check your time zones!)

  • The latest issue of NASS News was mailed to all current NASS Members in early October 2019. If you dont receive a copy in the mail, please contact the NASS Membership Chairperson and make sure NASS has your correct contact information on file.

  • NASS has established a Marketing Committee to help the registry and members promote the breed. In this regard, NASS  sponsored a breed class at Dressage at Devon and was a Vet Check Sponsor the AHA Distance Horse Nationals.

               ​Do you participate at an event with your NASS registered horse(s) at which you would                                              you like to  promote the breed? If so, please contact  NASS Marketing committee or your Regional                         Director as NASS is able to provide its members with NASS breed promotion materials, including banners, brochures, etc. or a monetary donation.  

Contact the Marketing Committee via email for  

  • Alternative Programs Committee: This committee is seeking input from members and owners of NASS registered horses for programs that fall outside of the existing competitive awards program - contact them with your ideas:                    

  • NASS Members who would like to join some of the existing NASS Committees or establish a new committee.

Contact the NASS BOD to express your interest:​​

The 2019 Annual Board of Directors and Membership Meeting was held on July 31, 2019, by telephone conference call.

NASS welcomes the newly appointed NASS President (Joan Clark) and other appointed Officers.

NASS would like to thank the previous Board Members & Officers for their service.  

Please visit the NASS Contacts Page for the current Officers & Board of Directors.

NASS encourages all of its Members and owners of NASS Registered horses to participate in all the registry offers or come up with new ways to help celebrate the breed.


Please volunteer to help the Registry promote, preserve and maintain the breed. 

Reach out to NASS & keep the NASS Board of Directors informed:

Congrats to the 2019 Elected NASS BOD Members:

The NASS Facebook Group is an open forum for the friendly discussion of NASS, Shagya-Arabians and partbred horse related topics.



​​​NASS offers a variety of award categories for competitive events in the Annual Awards Program, the AERC Radautzer Award and the USDF All-Breeds Award.

Remember to sign up for the 2019 NASS Annual performance Awards program and to forward your results to the Awards Chairperson.

The deadline is November 30, 2019

Do you compete in AERC Rides?

Check out the AERC Radautzer Award.

NASS also sponsors a USDF All Breeds Award.

Please visit the NASS awards program page.

NASS Member Updates