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"Oziwon or "Oz", (Silver Bells) and owner/rider Leesa Lane have won NASS' 2015 USDF Training Champion and First Level Reserve Champion Awards. Oz is a 16.1hh, 2003 Part Shagya gelding, sired by Amara’s O’Biwon (*Oman x *Aerial AF) out of a Hannovarian mare.

"Oz was a former eventing horse in the Pacific Northwest.

I purchased him in November 2012; he was found by my Tucson trainer Jennifer Parker while she was on a horse shopping trip to the northwest.  She called me and said "This is a wonderful horse, you have to buy him!"  So the first time I met Oz was when he got off the trailer in Tucson.  I'd only been riding for a couple of months, taking lessons on a borrowed horse.   Oz has been a wonderful school master and we have ridden Training and First Level and this summer I am hoping to ride Second Level.  He is a personality plus horse, well loved in the barn and very kind to horses and humans alike.  He is a horse who goes around the arena with a smile on his face! 

In 2013, I had the opportunity to visit the Shagya breeding facility in Bábolna, Hungary.  I saw the sign for Bábolna while driving to Budapest and we turned off and began our search for Shagya-land!  A very impressive dressage and sport horse facility and the horses were beautiful -- magnificent sport horses with Arabian looks.  I hope the breed becomes a bigger presence in the USA!"

Adele Furby, NASS Founding Member, served as one of four ISG-certified judges at the ISG European Championships at Stadl Paura, Austria in July, 2016.

"This was my 20th journey to Europe on behalf of the Shagya-Arabians and my sixth time to judge the European Championships.  It's always a very interesting experience and it's great for seeing how the various Shagya-Arabian bloodlines are combining in each generation. This was the second time I've judged at Stadl Paura, which is an old horse center between Salzburg and Linz.  This show consisted of around 80 horses and lasted over two days.  

My fellow judges were Mr. Muller from Germany, Judith Kovacs from Hungary, and Michael Horney from Slovakia.

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NASS Member Judges at 2016 ISG Championships

​Hannah Summers and her mare Salome (Almos x Sjonja AA) aka "Zoe have reached their 2,000 AERC Miles milestone!

In 2016 they completed 6 rides, including winning 3 Best Condition Awards, reaching a total to date of 2,075 miles.   ​

​Their stellar overall AERC record consists of 52 starts and completions since partnering up in 2011, including 11 Best Conditions. They finished in top 25 in the 2014 Tevis Cup and in 2015, finished in the top 5 in all of their 50 and 100-Mile 2015 rides (7 total), winning the 2015 Bandit Springs 100-Mile Ride. In 2016, they finished in the Top Ten of all rides entered.


NASS' 2015 USDF Training Level Champion &

First Level Reserve Champions

NASS team reaches 2,000 Mile AERC Milestone

NASS Member Competes at the AHA Championships: 

While there were a great number of Austrian horses there, Hungary, Czech Republic, France, Slovakia, Germany and even Croatia were also represented.  The show programs given over the noon hours featured some really good dressage and jumping and my favorite, the carriage driving!".

NASS Member Monique Vincent reports that her 3-year old homebred stallion MCV Ohrrmidas competed at the 2016 AHA Sport Horse National Championships in Nampa, Idaho and was awarded the National Championship for the HA/PA Stallion SHIH Open and Amateur classes. "Midas" is a 3 year old Appendix Shagya-Arabian Stallion sired by Santana HF (Arabian) and out of MJL Olivia by *Oman (Shagya-Arabian). Congratulations!

NASS Member Spotlight

Shagya Scherzo AF (*Shandor x *Aminah) and his rider/owner Libby MacFarlane were awarded the 2016 Training Level Champion by the Central Tennessee Dressage Association.

Pretty impressive for a 25 year old horse!

Per Libby, "I bought Scherzo in 2014 as a senior schoolmaster who had been trained to 4th level dressage. He is my first dressage horse and my aim was to learn softness, balance and response. Scherzo has also taught me to focus. For fun, we showed in CTDA schooling shows. We joined the 70% club, won AA high... point, and for year end we are the CTDA 2016 schooling show AA champion at training level. He is a wonderful dance partner and an absolute pleasure to be around."

Scherzo was born in 1991 and was approved for breeding in 1994. While in training with JT Burnley and in the ownership of the Morgan Family of Kentucky, he competed in dressage , jumping, distance riding and is on the USEF Leading Sires listings. 

Congratulations to Scherzo and Libby!

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