Congratulations to the NASS registered Appendix Shagya-Arabian stallion LC Desert Dancer (*Dante LCR x Lily Creek Brielle) on his 2018 accomplishments in endurance:

2018 3rd Place Heavyweight Pioneer Award
2018 Jim Jones Stallion Award - 3rd place
2018 Southwest Region Point Standing Heavyweight Division - 1st place

This is his 2nd year in a row finishing in the top 10 on AERC's Jim Jones Stallion Award, noting he placed 7th on it for 2017.

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Left: Barbara Ott and Natalia PFF not only recently completed the 2019 Tevis cup, they just placed 2nd, received the high vet score, and BC, at the 50 mile ride at the Oregon 100!

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Above Photo by Justus Photography                                                                                                                          January 2019 Spotlight

The Shagya-Arabian stallion Under Milkwood aka Woodie is continuing his jumping career. 

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Photo left *Mafia (Metropol x Fiba 1105) showing of her wonderful trot.