Right: The partbred gelding Bungee Street (Hungarian Sir Bungee AF x Picaboo Street) recently attended his first outing under saddle, meeting every new obstacle, including his first water crossing under saddle, without hesitation.

Bungee Street has some interesting connections: his sire, Hungarian Sir Bungee AF, is by *Shandor (ShA) out of the mare H. Othea who is a granddaughter of *Oman (ShA)) and great-granddaughter of Hungarian Bravo (ShA).  Bungee Street’s dam, Pickaboo Street, has an outstanding distance record, tallying around 2000 miles. Interestingly, she is sired by the Anglo Arabian stallion VSF Otis+/, who is not only an established endurance/performance horse himself, but is also a paternal sibling to the CCI *** Level Eventing pony Theodore O'Connor aka “Teddy”.

Above: Although the Peachie Family unexpectedly lost their equine soul mate, Ledger SHG (Neddor x *Lutka-62), in February of 2018, their admiration for the breed gained from their time with him led them purchase another Shagya-Arabian. This time around they bought the mare Wineglass Dafni or "Meadow" (Photo Above) who is coming along nicely under saddle.

Their future plans for her include trail riding, popping over small obstacles, dressage-flavored pleasure riding, and fun things like broom polo!

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NASS Registered Horses Out & About

he just loves the trail. We spent the first year exploring central Oregon, with a short stint with a trainer to improve the steering! Everyone who met him was impressed with his mind as well as conformation.

2018 was our first year of competition. I planned one ride a month for a nice easy start, figuring we’d aim for a 50 by the end of the season. A cancelled ride juggled all my plans for two horses and he ended up going to a 3 day where I figured we’d just play it by ear and he completed all 3 days of LDs. After that, I decided he could handle a 50. I did not pick an easy one (first time ride for me) and he was tired, but he still did well. By the end of the season, we’d completed 11 rides (9 AERC, 2 EDRA) 7 LDs and 4 50s. I think he’s enjoyed every minute … I know I certainly have.

At this point I don’t ever want to buy a non Shagya bred horse. Buying this boy sight-unseen was one of the best decisions of my life. The adorkable SA Alamo.

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Left: Carolyn Tucker and her 23-year old Shagya-Arabian mare, Amara’s Adriana, by *Oman out of Aerial AF (Hungarian Bravo x *Arriva by Bajar) have been enjoying wonderful camping weekends together.

Carolyn reports that Adriana climbs and maneuvers beautifully through steep rocky trails and is a real pleasure to ride while exploring everything from California’s beaches to the high Sierra Mountains.Type your paragraph here.

Hughes Highland Shagyas​

Jamie and Paul Hughes are happy  to announce that two more Shagya-Arabians have joined their growing Shagya-Arabian breeding program.

*Hadban USA (Harapnik x *Irahna-253) and Mattingly Freedom have taken up residence at the ranch, joining their son Hadban’s National Anthem and the partbred gelding Beau.  

Jamie Hughes fell in love with the Shagya-Arabian breed after riding her husband’s partbred horse, Beau, and hasn’t looked back since.

Congratulations to all their connections!

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Marlene Moss & SA Alamo:

When I realized it would be difficult for my tiny mares to keep up with my husband’s awesome Arab cross gelding, I decided I wanted a Shagya-Arabian. I’d heard about their temperament and knew most were bigger and stouter. Finding one wasn’t easy, but since I usually train my own horses, I could look for one young and un-started. Fate brought me a FB post of the list of Sun Arab Shagyas for sale and one was exactly what I was looking for. Four years old, un-started (but well socialized), and 15H with potential to grow more.

Problem, I’m in Oregon, he was in Kentucky. I searched for haulers and just wasn’t comfortable risking a lot of money for someone else to ship a horse that hadn’t been trailered before. So, my husband and I planned the trip, drove 2 days out with as little sleep as possible, then 3 days back.

 Meeting Alamo from the first was something special. He was so personable, had no issues getting into the trailer, and hauled like a dream. He ate and drank, handled being alone at the first overnight spot which we got to well after midnight, then dealt with staying in the trailer all night the next night as we got caught in a blizzard and spend the night at a truck stop. He wore his first blanket and was so calm we were able to sleep.

Training was very easy, he was under saddle in 3 days, on the trail for his second ride, his 5th ride was out into the Badlands alone where he offered the most beautiful canter without drama. Steering became his biggest issue, he was very opinionated about where we went, preferring off trail and away from home. At first, I thought he was directionally challenged but no, 

Left: The 1995 Appendix Shagya-Arabian mare Katerina, by Shagya Sun (*Shandor x *Aminah) and her owner Jennifer recently competed at a Halloween ride and had a great time! 

Photo by Ashley Murphy.

NASS Member & Horse Spotlight

Above Photo by Justus Photography                                                                                                                          January 2019 Spotlight

Amira Abha (Hungarian Bravo x Amira Aisha) a 1988 Shagya-Arabian mare and Fauna (Baron AF x Flora AF) 1992 Shagya-Arabian mare.  

These aged two beauties introduced many generations of horse lovers and riders to the Shagya-Arabian breed, proving once again that Shagya-Arabians have much to offer no matter their age!

October 2018 Spotlight

Above: Traveling Tuxedo Tales, a 2005 gelding by the Shagya-Arabian stallion Janos, has been part of the Kostersitz family for many years and continues to bring their family much pleasure   

as an all around riding horse.

NASS Members & Horses in the News: 

Congratulations to the NASS registered Appendix Shagya-Arabian stallion LC Desert Dancer (*Dante LCR x Lily Creek Brielle) on his 2018 accomplishments in endurance:

2018 3rd Place Heavyweight Pioneer Award
2018 Jim Jones Stallion Award - 3rd place
2018 Southwest Region Point Standing Heavyweight Division - 1st place

This is his 2nd year in a row finishing in the top 10 on AERC's Jim Jones Stallion Award, noting he placed 7th on it for 2017.

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