​​Congratulations to the NASS registered Appendix Shagya-Arabian stallion LC Desert Dancer (*Dante LCR x Lily Creek Brielle) on his 2018 accomplishments in endurance:

2018 3rd Place Heavyweight Pioneer Award
2018 Jim Jones Stallion Award - 3rd place
2018 Southwest Region Point Standing Heavyweight Division - 1st place

This is his 2nd year in a row finishing in the top 10 on AERC's Jim Jones Stallion Award, noting he placed 7th on it for 2017.

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Adrienne and Sam at Dressage at Devon 2019 

Adrienne and Sam at Dressage at Devon 2019 

Hey friends! Adrienne here, my gelding KB Royal Samurai AF (Shagya Royal AF x Samantha) and I had a great time at Dressage at Devon. It was a much better weather week and Sam had a year more to mature and get acclimated with traveling to new places. Devon is probably one of the most exhilarating to humans and horses, so much to see and do. Three rings, three warm up rings, shopping tents, grandstands, people, dogs. It’s an experience! We had a pretty good ride, despite a difference of opinion going right at the canter. Sam decided to not pick up the proper lead and get spooked at the same time. So, after three tries and a circle, ha ha, we did it. I am assuming our 7th place could have been bumped up quite a few notches if it weren't for that.

The in-hand class, Sammy was a Rock Star. We have been practicing a good stand up and trot around those cones. I need to step it up a bit with MY training as I couldn’t keep up with his huge trot. He enjoys showing off.... Must be the Aries in him. Our birthdays are two days apart and we are always showing each other who's boss. LOL. He LOVED getting his ribbons. Especially the Blue one. One our closest friends know we were the only ones in the Shagya class. Hopefully someday soon we have some competition!   We came home with 2 ribbons, a purple and blue, a certificate for a free tin of Platinum Performance, and a bunch of freebies given out from vendors. This was a big step for Sam, as he was very intimidated by all the commotion last year. For the past few months, we have been traveling to new rings and different indoors, even had a practice ride with a group of lesson students, so Sam was comfortable with walk trot canter all in the same direction with a group. This was a first for him. He was never in an under-saddle class!   He was able to keep his composure and remembered what we have been training. Here's to next year and hope you can join us!

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