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NASS Members:

NASS members may list their Shagya-Arabian or Part-Shagya horse(s) for sale for FREE.

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Please email your ad to the NASS Website Committee at:


  • All horses must be registered with NASS (unless foreign horses).

  • The horse owner must be an Active Member of NASS.   

The following information is REQUIRED before posting Shagyas for sales.

Farm Name
Contact Information
Region that you are located in
Description of horse(s) for sale
NASS Registered Name, NASS Registration Number
Sire, Dam, Age, Color, Height, Training
Sale Price or CALL

(Optional) - One photo for website

Foreign Horses:

Foreign horses are horses that are registered in a foreign country's ISG Society Registry.

Foreign horses that are registered in a foreign ISG approved Society may advertise on the NASS Shagyas For Sale" Website Pages and NASS Newsletter if the horse owner becomes a Foreign NASS Member ($45 US Funds annual non-voting renewable Associate Membership). 

One  year of advertising on the NASS "Shagya For Sale" website page can then be purchased for $30.00 US Funds per horse.  

Horses listed on the NASS website are automatically included on the sale page of  the NASS Newsletter.  

Ads may include a picture.

Non-NASS Members:

The option of posting word classified ads for NASS Registered horses for sale on NASS' website for a fee of $30.00 for a one year posting.

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The North American Shagya-Arabian Society provides this listing as a service to its members

The following horses are registered and approved for sale by the NASS Breeding/Registry Committees.

Prices are listed at owner's discretion and are subject to change without notice. 

Information about each horse is provided by the seller.

NASS is not responsible for the quality or condition of horses being offered for sale.

Ads remain online for one year unless we receive notice from the seller that the horse has been sold or is no longer for sale.

Foreign Horses:

Foreign horses that are registered in a foreign ISG approved Society may advertise on the NASS "Shagyas For Sale" Website Pages and NASS Newsletter.

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