Regional Directors:

Midwest RD/BOD:                 Gabrielle Duimich Gordon      
Midwest Region Areas: ND, SD, MN, NE, IA, KS, MO, IL, OK,

AR, MS, KY, AL, LA, TX, WI, Manitoba, Ontario

Southwest RD/BOD:              Joan Clark

Southwest Region Areas: CA, NV, HI

Rocky Mountain RD/BOD:   Adele Furby                  
Rocky Mountain Region Areas: MT, ID, WY, UT, CO, AZ, NM,

Alberta, Saskatchewan,

Eastern RD/BOD                    Candace Phillips       
Eastern Region Areas: ME, NH, VT, NY, MA, RI, CT, NJ, DE,

MD, PA, VA, OH, WV, VA, MI, IN, TN, NC, SC, GA, FL, Quebec,

New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Labrador

Northwest RD/BOD              Jamie Hughes                                   
Northwest Region Areas: WA, OR, AK, British Columbia, Yukon, NW Territories, International Members

Election and Term of Office - The election of the Directors shall be finalized at the annual meeting of the Members. Members may provide a written vote for such election, as long as such written vote is received by the Corporation ten (10) days before the annual meeting. If such written vote is not sent via certified mail, the Corporation shall not be responsible for the receipt of the vote. Directors are elected by a majority of the votes cast, and each Director shall hold office for a term of three (3) years and until his or her successor is duly elected and qualified, with the understanding that the current Directors shall hold their office until the dates set forth in the following rotation.

Regional Directors – Regional Directors will primarily represent the members in the specific region for which they are designated, and said regional director must live in the region they represent. Among the duties and responsibilities set forth in the Bylaws, Regional Directors’ specific duties shall include, but not be limited to, maintaining contact with the members in their region, keeping their regional members informed of upcoming events, establishing rapport with existing and potential members in their region to encourage participation in regional events, and making these opportunities available to their regional members..

​NASS Board of Directors Information:

For NASS and general Shagya-Arabian information please contact:
The NASS President



The NASS Information Officer

Gwyn Davis
(765) 665-3851

NASS Committees:

Emails are sent to the committee members and NASS President by clicking the highlighted Committee links below:

NASS Bylaws Committee

  • Adele Furby

  • Gwyn Davis

  • Openings

NASS Breeding Committee

  • Adele Furby - (ISG Judge)Committee Chair 

  • Kathy Richkind (ISG Judge)

  • Hallie Goetz (ISG Judge)

  • Dr. Keiko Foss (ISG Learner Judge

  • Dr. Susan Keil - Consulting Veterinarian

  • Elaine Kerrigan

NASS Education and Apprentice Judge Training Committee                

NASS Performance Awards Committee 

NASS Fundraising/Marketing Committee:  

  • Jamie Bratt - Fundraising & Marketing Committee Chair

  • Cadice Phillips

  • Gabrielle Gordon

  • Shelley Child

  • Monique Vincent

  • Hallie Goetz

  • Candice Colson

  • Openings

NASS Website Committee

  • Hallie Goetz - Website Committee Chair

  • Jamie Bratt

  • Adele Furby

  • Kathy Richkind

  • Openings

NASS Newsletter Committee

ISG Liaison                    Adele Furby    

NASS Membership        Beverly Thompson

NASS Registrar             Elaine Kerrigan

Board of Directors at Large

Jamie Bratt

Elaine Kerrigan
Hallie Goetz             
Kathy Richkind       

Contacting NASS:

President - Joan Clark

Vice President - Adele Furby

Treasurer /Secretary

Beverly Thompson -

NASS Treasurer Mailing Address:   

           Beverly Thompson

           NASS Treasurer
           2345 S. Washington Rd. 

           Columbia City, IN 46725

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