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NASS inspection for Breeding Approval & Evaluation

2019 Inspection Sites & Requests:

Horse owners must be a NASS member in order to be eligible to present a horse for breeding approval inspection and evaluation at a NASS inspection site, or pay the non-member fee.

Inspection, Evaluation & Branding Fees

  • Current Annual Membership:  $45.00.

  • Non-Member Fee:  $45.00

  • Inspection for Breeding Approval: 

                       $200.00 per horse

  • Evaluation (not for Breeding Approval): 

                      $50.00 per horse

  • Branding:  $30.00 per horse.

Inspection Sites are based upon demand. 

Are you  interested in participating in or learning more about the breeding approval/evaluation process?

NASS weclomes your inquiries.

Please contact NASS ​via the

form to the right or vial email:

Note: Shagya-Arabians, Arabians, partbreds

and horses of other breeds

one may breed

to a Shagya-Arabian

are welcome.


Please contact the NASS Registrar for help Registering a horse via email:

Breeding Approval & Evaluation


The NASS Breeding Committee is currently planning inspection sites for the assessment of horses for Shagya-Arabian Breeding Approval & Evaluation throughout the USA and Canada in 2019.

These sites will offer the inspection, evaluation and branding of horses and much more ... page down for details!

Inspection for Breeding Approval

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Horses eligible for NASS' Inspection for Shagya-Arabian Breeding Approval


  • Shagya-Arabians (Book I), Shagya-Arabians (Book II) and Appendix Shagya-Arabians (Book I and II), 2-years and older may be presented for inspection for Approval for Shagya-Arabian Breeding.

  • All such eligible horses must be registered with SHARONA (the acronym for the NASS Registry).

       Purebred Arabians

  • AHA Registered Purebred Arabian stallions and mares 2-years and older may be presented for inspection for Approval for Shagya-Arabian Breeding.

  • Arabians are required to have a negative SCID test as part of the breeding approval process.

Evaluations of Horses

Evaluations are the assessment of horses for purposes other than Breeding Approval.  Evaluations offer owners the opportunity to have horses assessed by the commission for educational reasons only and the results are not applicable for breeding approval.

Horses eligible for NASS' Evaluation:

​       Shagya-Arabian & Part Shagya

  • Shagya-Arabian breeding stock under 2-years of age.

  • Shagya-Arabian and Appendix Shagya-Arabian geldings, mares and stallions of any age if the owner desires an evaluation but not breeding approval.*

  • Part-Shagyas of any age.*

        Arabian & Other Breeds

  • Arabian mares and stallions of any age if the owner desires an evaluation for educational purposes but not breeding approval. 

  • Horses from any breed which one may want to breed to or who has been bred to a NASS-registered horse.

All participating Shagya-Arabians, Appendix Shagya-Arabians and Part Shagyas must be registered with SHARONA.

Please contact theNASS Breeding Committee with questions regarding a horse's eligibility for Breeding Approval Inspection, Evaluation and branding.

Click on below titles for inspection site brochures, forms, applications and more:

Inspection Application


Participant Agreement

NASS Inspection & Evaluation Protocol

Registering a Horse with NASS

NASS Membership

Why & Hows of an Inspection Brochure 

NASS Inspection Site Process & Free Jumping  

Branding Application & Information

Inspection of Shagya Arabians - NASS Newsletter

The consistent quality of the Shagya-Arabian breed has been maintained by a rigorous commitment to breed standards, including the requirement that all potential breeding horses be inspected and approved according to the international Shagya-Arabian breed standards established by the ISG in order to produce registered Purebred Shagya-Arabian offspring.

NASS has received requests for the inspection and evaluation of horses

in the following states and provinces:

       Texas, USA           Virginia, USA        Kentucky, USA   

 Washington, USA    California, USA     Ontario, Canada

If you are interested in presenting horses, attending one of these sites as a volunteer or spectator or hosting an additional site, please contact the

NASS Breeding Committee  or  your Regional Director.

Sites typically require 2 or more horses for inspection at each site.

Arabians, Shagya-Arabians, partbreds and horses of other breeds one has bred to or plans to breed to a Shagya-Arabian are welcome to participate. ​ ​​