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2017 Performance Awards

Performance Awards & Spotlights

Member & Breed Spotlights

NASS Performance Awards, Breed & Member Spotlights

Peformance Catergories: 


The North American Shagya-Arabian Society (NASS) is proud to offer Performance Awards to NASS registered Purebred Shagya-Arabians, Shagya-Arabians (Book II), Appendix Shagya-Arabians (previously  "Part Shagya-Arabians") and Part-Shagyas in the performance categories noted below.

NASS also awards NASS registered horses with the Radautzer Award and the USDF All Breed Award.

**PLEASE NOTE:  ALL FORMS and instructions are located inside the "Year End Performance Awards Guideline". 

  • Sport Horse In Hand

  • Sport Horse Under Saddle

  • Combined Training

  • Dressage

  • Driving (Combined & Pleasure)

  • Hunter

  • Hunter Pleasure

  • Jumper

  • Competitive Trail Riding

  • Endurance Riding

  • Meritorious Sire

  • Meritorious Dam

All horses must be registered as Purebred Shagya-Arabians, Shagya-Arabians (Book II), Appendix Shagya-Arabians and Part-Shagyas or Arabians with NASS. The horse owner must be an Active Member of NASS at the time points are earned. In addition, owners must register their horses with the NASS Performance Awards Program. This is a one-time, lifetime registration of their horse which covers all the above categories.

Competitive Trail Riding & Endurance Riding: Points may be accumulated in endurance and/or competitive trail competition. Points may be earned on sanctioned rides which require mandatory veterinary supervision during the entire competition.  The Award will be a high point award. Separate categories for Junior and/or weight divisions will be considered for addition to NASS as participation increases.

Radautzer Award: In order to celebrate the outstanding achievements of horses with Shagya-Arabian blood, the NASS has created the "Radautzer Award" for NASS-registered horses competing in AERC rides. Named after the horses from the famous Austrian military stud farm of Radautz (located in present-day Romania) a horse with exceptional courage and stamina in Europe received the highest praise if described as “tough as a Radautzer”. Recognition will be given annually to the horse who:

  • Achieves the highest number of points within that competition year according to the scoring system

  • Eligible horses must be registered with NASS

  • The owner of record must be a NASS member in good standing at the time the nomination form is submitted

American Endurance Ride Conference , North American Trail Ride ConferenceEastern Competitive Trail Ride Association

Meritorious Dam & Sire Awards are open to any horse registered with NASS which has sired or produced offspring as long as the Horse's owner remains a member in good standing. Points are figured when a horse enters the program and at the end of each year thereafter. The registered Dam or Sire will receive 10% of the LIFETIME points of all registered offspring initially, and will then receive 10% of the yearly point accumulation earned by each son or daughter. Once the owner enters a horse in this program, points will be awarded automatically each year. A horse is eligible to receive a posthumous award only in the year it dies, but will continue to accumulate points resuming from any of its offspring. Point totals will be updated annually in the Dam and Sire Roll.

USDF Breed Award: NASS is a member associate of United States Dressage Federation's All-Breed Council. If you wish to participate in dressage you must join USDF.

USEF requires competing horses to have an identification (ID) number. The NASS Information Officer will assist with requests for an ID.

Awards are earned through a basic point schedule with the exception of dressage, which uses both earned scores and placement in class.

Performance Awards Participants Please Note:

The LAST DAY of NOVEMBER is the LAST DAY of Competition Year.

ALL RESULTS must be turned in ON or BEFORE December 14th to the NASS Performance Awards Chair.

   "NASS Year End Performance Awards Guideline"  Rev. 10-23-14 

**PLEASE NOTE:  ALL FORMS are located inside the "Year End Performance Awards Guideline". 

Year End Performance Award Sponsors: 

  • Up to five Sponsorships for each Division are available for $20 each.

  • Sponsors will be acknowledge in the NASS Newsletter and on the NASS Performance Awards website page for that Division.        


​Please contact the NASS Treasurer Email:

Performance Awards

The 2017 NASS Award recipient list has been compiled and posted!

The 2017 Awards Program includes awards for the following categories:

  • Breeding/Sport Horse in Hand

  • Sporthorse Under Saddle

  • Dressage

  • Endurance Riding

  • Competitive Trail

  • Meritorious Dam

  • Meritorious Sire

NASS 2017 Radautzer Award Results

The results for excellence in AERC Rides have been tallied and included a record number of participants. 

Please visit the Radautzer Awards Page for the 2017 Award Announcement!

2018 NASS Performance Awards Program 

Shagya-Arabian and Partbred horses are welcome to participate in

NASS' Annual Performance Awards Progam.

Please contact NASS for eligibility requirements & details!

Information on how to sign up (including one time fee for your horse(s) can be found in the

NASS Awards Program Booklet or by contacting NASS at:

Remember to sign up for the AERC 2018 Radautz Awards:

NASS Members are welcome to send in photos and stories about themselves and their NASS Registered Horses.

NASS also welcomes international news from their fellow ISG Member Registries and National Stud Farms.

Please forward your story and/or photos to the NASS Webmaster:  

Check with the NASSPerformance Awards Chair if you have any questions.

Performance Awards Chair - Joan Clark - 

  • Send in your payment with the Nomination information BEFORE entering into competitions.

  • Place your horse NASS Registration Number on all forms. 

  • Keep copies of your performance awards information - for your records.

  • Mail all important documents - Certified/Return Receipt.