2018 Radautzer Award Results

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Honoring Outstanding Achievement in AERC Rides

Salome - Multi Year Winner of the Radautzer Award

SA Alamo (Bayram x PA Artistry ox), a 2015 gelding, owned by Marlene Moss, who completed 9 rides with four 50-mile rides & five 25/30-mile rides, including one set of multi-day rides & 3 Top Ten finishes.

Previous Radautzer Award Winners:

Year:    Horse:                Owner:

2011    MJL Olivia          Monique Vincent          

2012    Salome              Hannah Summers       

2013    Salome              Hannah Summer         

2014    Chiron               Chris LIttlefield            

2015    Salome              Hannah Summer          

2016    Salome              Hannah Summers        

2017    Salome              Hannah Summers       


Finish to Win in the 2020 Radautzer Award Program:

NASS' Radautzer Award 

In order to celebrate the outstanding achievements of horses with Shagya-Arabian blood, the North American Shagya-Arabian Society (NASS) has created the "Radautzer Award" for NASS-registered horses competing in AERC rides.

The first inaugural award was given in 2011, coinciding with NASS’ 25th Anniversary.

Named after the horses from the famous Austrian military stud farm of Radautz (located in present-day Romania) a horse with exceptional courage and stamina in Europe received the highest praise if described as “tough as a Radautzer”.

Recognition will be given annually to the horse who:

  • Achieves the highest number of points within that competition year according to the scoring system

  • Eligible horses must be registered with NASS

  • The owner of record must be a NASS member in good standing at the time the nomination form is submitted


Complete the Radautzer Award Form (below) and send in no later than December 31st of the award year.  

  • Award year is December 1st through November 30th.

  • You may send in all of the horse’s endurance information at one time (following their last ride) or in parts as the horse completes rides.  

  • NASS will confirm your horse’s endurance results with AERC’s official ride results.  If your submitted information is not consistent with AERC information we will contact you to resolve the inconsistency.   

  • NASS will also check with AERC to identify competing horses with Shagya-Arabian blood who could be eligible for this award, and use AERC results information.  

  • Since AERC records may not accurately identify all horses with Shagya-Arabian blood as "Shagyas", submitting this nomination to NASS will ensure your horse will be considered for the Radautzer Award.

  • Note: Make sure your NASS Membership is current and your horse(s) is/are registered with NASS.

Congratulations to LC Desert Dancer (*Dante LCR x Lily Creek Brielle by Bahadur), a 2009 stallion, owned by Julia Lynn, on his winning the 2018 Radautzer Award!

In 2018, LC Desert Dancer (aka “Chips”) completed a total of nine 50/55-mile rides, including 2 sets of multi-day rides and received 2 Top Ten finishes:

  1. 3/16/18 - Old Pueblo - 55 miles - 24th place

  2. 3/17/18 - Old Pueblo - 50 miles - 31st place

  3. 3/18/18 - Old Pueblo - 50 miles - 12th place

  4. 4/22/18 - Mt Carmel - 55 miles - 30th place

  5. 4/23/18 - Mt Carmel - 50 miles - 20th place

  6. 4/24/18 - Mt Carmel - 55 miles - 11th place

  7. 7/8/18 - Ft Stanton - 50 miles - 13th place

  8. 7/12/18 - Ft Stanton - 50 miles - 6th place

  9. 10/6/18 - Scottsdale Recovery - 50 miles - 10th place

Chips was also the recipient of the following 2018 endurance honors:

  • 2018 Heavyweight Pioneer Award - 3rd place

  • 2018 Jim Jones Stallion Award - 3rd place

  • 2018 Southwest Region Point Standing Heavyweight Division - 1st place​

The 2018 Runner Up:

2018 Honorable Mention:


  • Chiron owned by Chris Littlefield: Four 50-mile rides; All Top Ten.

  • Lily Creek Tariff owned by Jeanette Weber: Three 50-mile rides; All Top Ten.

  • Salome owned by Hannah Summers: Three rides: A 50-mile, a 65-mile & a 75-mile; 2 Top Ten.

  • Malavasia PFF owned by Holly Rouska: Three rides: Two 25-mile & one 50-mile; 1 Top Ten.

  • My True Companion owned by Jacqueline Debets: One 30-mile ride